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For the past few years, with very little means, we have supported this very important and imperative cause to help  students in our community who are malnourished. It is difficult for those who are fortunate enough to live comfortably and with dignity to imagine the distress and anxiety faced with a need as vital as nutrition.

Make the gesture that changes lives. Provide financial support to young students in the National Capital Region who suffer from malnutrition and who are desperately trying to succeed in their studies.


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to feed students in need

Being a donator is a privilege

Being a donator within the HUNGRY TO HELP foundation is a unique privilege that can transform your own life if you use this power. Your decision to support a hungry student has little impact on you, but can turn a child's life from miserable to pleasant. This is the power to give.


You can make a difference

Every gesture counts to relieve and eliminate the human distress experienced by young students who suffer from malnutrition and who are trying to succeed in their studies on an empty stomach. Your involvement will have repercussions far beyond the financial support that you can devote to this cause.


Building a future

By becoming a donator for the cause of HUNGRY TO HELP, you will make an essential contribution to the achievement of goals that can change the lives of young students in the National Capital Region. Investing in the nutrition of young students is changing our community the world one meal at a time.

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We invite you to communicate with us in order to share the financial implication that you wish to consider for the cause of HUNGRY to HELP. We will listen to your expectations and put in place the support and collaboration protocol that suits you. We will also take advantage of this conversation to share with you the recognition program we are working on so that you can express the level of discretion you are looking for.