Back in 2003, a local Gatineau (Aylmer) resident realized that amongst the overwhelming majority of happy, well cared for children in our schools, there were a number who needed help.  Specifically, she became aware that some children were coming to school hungry and had nothing to eat during their school day.  National statistics bear out the truth of her experience – most recent UNICEF figures show that one in six children in Canada lives in poverty.HungrytoHelp-About2

Hard as it is to believe, even here in our own community, in the schools attended by our own children, she discovered that some school teachers and lunch-time supervisors would reach into their own pockets to pay for meals for hungry children.  A child who is hungry cannot concentrate on lessons, cannot learn, and so begins a cycle of under-privilege.

A decision was made to do something to help these needy children, and thus the Hungry to Help Corporation was established.

Our members

Our group currently comprises six volunteers, of all ages and walks of life, and all living in the Outaouais area. We each contribute in whichever way we can, by way of our time, our ideas, our varying skills, and our contacts. We have organized a number of fund-raising activities over the years including a barbecue, wine-tastings, spaghetti suppers and garage sales.

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