Leveraging his extensive vision and operational experience that he attained during his time in the military, in 2011, Pascal founded DEV Carrera with an avant-garde vision. DEV Carrera is a developer of residential and commercial real estate that invests in its creative capital. With creative and communicative energy, Pascal continually pushes his own limits and those of DEV Carrera.

Pascal provides leadership and guides the strategic direction of the organization.

“It will be a great honour for me to build on an existing solid foundation and continue to move the organization forward by capitalizing on the strengths of our great network and empowering our great volunteers and chefs to fight poverty.” Said Pascal Proulx in a statement

Pascal’s passion for learning and expanding his mind is insatiable. He has studied business administration, the art of war, law and history. Pascal truly wants to leave the world in a better place for all. We are pleased to announce Pascal Proulx as the new director of the charity board.