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Many young students from the National Capital Region arrive at school hungry and have nothing to eat for the day.

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students are malnourished

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Every day, in the National Capital Region, children from elementary schools do not eat dinner, not to mention the other meals of the day that are possibly deficient. Your donation to the Hunger Society for helping allows us to provide them with a healthy meal so that they have the best chance of success in life.
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Children in your area are hungry. They are vulnerable and their chances of success are compromised. Support HUNGRY TO HELP

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Teachers and primary school administrators in the National Capital Region identify children who are in need and who are experiencing difficulties related to their poor nutrition. With the agreement of the parents, the schools submit a request for food aid to HUNGRY TO HELP who coordinates a mission of aid on behalf of the children.


HUNGY TO HELP buys meals from a company at cost prices who prepare and deliver them every day. Designated children receive a meal, free of charge, at the same time and in the same manner as students whose parents ordered and paid for the meal. This procedure ensures the anonymity and confidentiality of our intervention.


In 2017-2018, despite 4000 meals provided to needy students in 12 schools, we were not able to meet all the requests submitted which increase and exceed our financial availability. We want to mobilize the community to prevent the major social and human consequences linked to malnutrition.

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Combating hunger among disadvantaged elementary school children in the National Capital Region is our daily mission.

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Protecting the privacy and dignity of students and their families in need is of paramount importance in the pursuit of our mission.

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A hungry child cannot concentrate on his lessons and reduces his chances of finishing his studies; and thus the cycle of poverty continues.

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