The Hungry to Help Foundation is proud to announce the appointment of its new president, Patricia Fortin-Boileau, effective August 2023. At just 28 years of age, Patricia brings to the foundation an impressive passion and commitment to its mission of helping vulnerable children in the National Capital Region. She is much more than a talented lawyer, she is a person who is determined to make a real difference in the lives of those in our community.

Before taking the helm of the Hungry to Help Foundation, Patricia completed an internship in family law, and has since decided to focus her career in this direction. Today, she is a member of LMLB Avocates in Gatineau , as well as the coordinating lawyer for the Clinique interdisciplinaire en droit social de l’Outaouais which is associated with the Civil Law department of the University of Ottawa Law School.

Her appointment as President of the Hungry to Help Foundation marks a new era of dedication to the cause of children. She is determined to use her in-depth knowledge of the legal system to strengthen the Foundation’s programs and initiatives and help children in need in our community.

The Foundation warmly welcomes Patricia Fortin-Boileau as its new president, and expresses its gratitude for her ongoing commitment to the cause of children in need. With her at the helm, the Foundation is poised to make extraordinary achievements in the area of food insecurity among vulnerable children in our region. We look forward, with great enthusiasm, to the positive changes which Patricia will bring to the lives of young people in the National Capital Region.